Smartliners: a new line of sustainable products from Canada


Date:Saturday December 19th, 2020

The new line of Salvaslip and Sustainable Pads Smartliners is now available in Italy.

Washable, organic, friends of the environment and for every pocket!
They come from Canada, a country very sensitive to the environment and with a rich ecological culture. Smartliners is an innovative line of organic products made with the exclusive patented Smartsorb material. Unlike traditional external and internal sanitary pads, Smartliners are washable, ideal for daily use and made of certified organic cotton without chemicals.
Smartliners products have a life cycle that goes beyond 24 months. A considerable advantage for the health of the planet!

For whom are they suitable?

More and more environmentally friendly women are deciding to support a revolution in the use of products that are part of their daily habits, even in the context of sanitary products.

Conscious and responsible choices regarding the purchase of these eco-friendly products, friends of the environment and yours!

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