Ideas and the Heart – S-WOOD


Date:Wednesday June 15th, 2022

“Ideas and the Heart” is the event organized in Turin by Mauro Scaglarini CEO of S_WOOD, to present a company and its collection of sustainable products dedicated to contemporary architecture. The collaboration between Scaglarini and the Farinetti family, owner of Green Retail, made it possible to perfectly convey the product philosophy of S-WOOD. This was done through the work on the covering of the facade of Green Pea, a sustainable design context, a place of beauty and respect.The ecological choice of recovering spruce wood from the woods damaged by the storm, Vaia, has allowed S-WOOD to develop a high performance product, dedicated to decking, external cladding and sunshades. The perfect “dress” for that container of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment that Green Pea itself wants to represent. A commitment that has transformed a natural heritage into a 100% sustainable product.

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