A casa ovunque


Date:Monday June 6th, 2022
For the Fuorisalone in June 2022, The Playful Living & Sfera MediaGroup - Childhood division  of RCS MediaGroup - Style Piccoli - present “At home everywhere”: a hybrid event that mixes digital and physical experiences to reflect on the new concept of hospitality.
In via Savona 35, Tortona district, in Milan, we will create 6 areas dedicated to hospitality, housing, work, shopping, entertainment and culture. A new way of living everyday life and of stimulating social relations by promoting new forms of “families” and home.
A visual and experiential story between intimate and domestic, convivial and professional moments typical of the new hybrid and constantly changing spaces. Moments told through the story of the people who live these spaces. A different set of people promoting contemporary lifestyles, each of which carries its own experience and makes it available to others. Because sharing is a source of enrichment and the experiences of others broaden everyone’s horizons. Six spaces to make anyone feel at home, anywhere!
Within these spaces, various companies and brands will coexist and dialogue, configuring a real project, characterized by free, interchangeable, connected and flexible solutions, with particular attention to the search for furnishings, materials and accessories to best interpret the ways of living of today and tomorrow giving visitors the opportunity to observe, test, find inspiration and solutions to the need to “feel good”.

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